University Strategic Planning Council

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University Strategic Planning Council

The University Strategic Planning Council (USPC) was charged by President Eric Barron in November 2014. The USPC has been asked to think specifically about what we hope to accomplish during the next five years and the accompanying strategies we need to embrace to achieve those goals. It is also charged to think beyond the next planning cycle to consider more broadly where we should be as a university in 10 to 20 years. With that vision for the future, the Council will help develop the Penn State Strategic Plan for the years 2015/16 through 2019/20. The Council is chaired by Executive Vice President and Provost Nick Jones.

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Charge Letter

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University Level Strategic Planning Working Groups

Eight working groups have been assembled and charged to lead the thinking and development of the thematic foci and the supporting strategies. Other committees have been formed to consider some of the foundational principles (e.g., the enhanced pathways committee to consider access and affordability). Over the next few months, those working groups and committees will meet and ultimately report their recommendations, and the University Strategic Planning Council will assimilate, consider, and mold those recommendations as appropriate into the full plan.

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