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  1. Using Learning Objectives in Peer Education Evaluation

    ... and behavior. In September 2010, 21 students who were about to start a 3-credit training course (BBH 324) completed the pre-survey to provide baseline data about their health knowledge and behavior. The post-survey was administered in ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Mar 30 2014 - 11:29pm

  2. Quality Issues Forum 2009

    ... and Provost Rodney Erickson spoke before 250 people about the importance of continuous quality improvement in Penn State’s new ... and meeting the needs of the people we serve. CQI is about improvement and innovation, improving institutional performance by ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Oct 24 2013 - 3:35pm

  3. OPA Forums

    ... including details of the proposal process and information about relevant initiatives that are being considered and, in some cases, ... have ample time to provide feedback to and ask questions about the many proposals and initiatives being pursued as part of the multiyear ...

    vmh10 - Oct 5 2017 - 9:31am

  4. 60 Penn State Innovation and Improvement Teams Recognized

    ... innovating processes across the University. Read more about the teams … Read the complete feature articles series … ... in higher education, including 10 questions to ask about a nonprofit business approach from Scott Martens at the University of ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Jan 16 2014 - 10:40am

  5. CQI Spotlight: Direct Student Loans

    ... 2008, reflected in PHEAA ’s action, raised concerns about the future of other sources of funding. Without loans, many students ... online. What would students and their families need to know about the changes to the process, and when would they need to know various ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Jan 1 2014 - 8:18pm

  6. Implementing Penn State's Strategic Plan - A Year Two Update

    ... diverse, inclusive, and equitable institution. Find out about the 2010 review process and what have been identified as best practices, ... state budgets across the U.S. have had to cope with about $400 billion in deficits. In Pennsylvania, the Governor has proposed a ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Jan 16 2014 - 9:09am

  7. Quality Endeavors Issue No. 133

    ... and several additional organizations shared information about recent initiatives and observations related to these topics and others. ... to an unexpected number of early retirements. Out of about 7,000 administrative staff, 1,300 were eligible for an early retirement ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Jan 16 2014 - 9:41am

  8. The Evolution of Process Improvement

    ... for Undergraduate Education For complete information about the Quality Advocates series, visit /s/ 2AN vYC . Best of ... on student success, and then join an online discussion about what student success means to you. Read the complete blog entry at ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Jan 22 2014 - 11:18am

  9. Progress and Performance Strategic Indicators for Priorities for Excellence: The Penn State Strategic Plan 2009-10 through 2013-14

    ... should be available on the Web site in early fall 2011. About that same time, we should be able to update several performance measures ... Penn State New Kensington spoke from their perspectives about challenges, opportunities, and ideas on how data consumers can and do ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Jan 16 2014 - 10:40am

  10. Senior Vice President of Finance and Business/Treasurer Al Horvath speaks at the Quality Issues Forum

    ... talked with members of 60 innovation and improvement teams about why “ OK is not OK ”. To view the speaker’s slides, see ... Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Teams Read about what three cross- unit and collaborative teams have accomplished: ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Jan 16 2014 - 10:40am