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  1. Quality Endeavors Issue No. 117

    ... active at some point in the past five years to find out more about their results. This article highlights several of these teams. ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Jan 16 2014 - 10:18am

  2. Workshop

    ... workshop will provide hands-on activities and discussion about how DMADV can be used in implementing some of the strategies ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Oct 24 2013 - 3:35pm

  3. Student Addresses Team

    ... of Endorsements; Arranged for a notice in the Intercom about the Postal Service web site Contact Person:  Robert ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Mar 30 2014 - 11:29pm

  4. Cooperative Extension Planning and Reporting System

    ... types of information from field-based educators and faculty about educational programs and activities Innovation: The Information ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Mar 30 2014 - 11:29pm

  5. Streamline Instructional Activity Data and Reporting

    ... antiquated process of collecting and reporting information about instructors and all of their related teaching activities. This is a ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Mar 30 2014 - 11:29pm

  6. Committee for Implementation of Electronic Theses and Dissertations at Penn State

    ... open to masters students). This project isn't really about cost savings. What is more important is that this is just a better way ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Mar 30 2014 - 11:29pm

  7. Smeal Innovation and Quality Teams

    ... Objective:  To provide instructors with feedback about the impact of course designs to improve the learning process in ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Mar 30 2014 - 11:29pm

  8. Quality Endeavors No. 153

    ... an opportunity to share information across universities about initiatives to advance academic and administrative excellence. Over 100 ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Jan 15 2014 - 8:59pm

  9. Alumni Admissions Volunteer Program Enhancements

    ... in the future. 5) 109 Alumni Volunteers completed a survey about the program’s web site. Responses are being used to guide the design ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - Mar 30 2014 - 11:29pm

  10. Learning Outcomes Assessment at Penn State: Review and Update

    ... clarification on how the process works? Are you curious about what your colleagues are assessing, and how? Would you like to know ...

    vmh10 - Feb 2 2018 - 10:28am