Quality Issues Forum 2011

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Tim Curley, Director of Athletics, speaks at Quality Issues Forum

photo of Louise SandmeyerOn April 14, 2011, 47 innovation and improvement teams with approximately 500 members, representing one campus college, two University College campuses, five University Park colleges, and nine support units, were recognized at the 9th Quality Issues Forum. Louise Sandmeyer, Executive Director of the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment, welcomed the group of about 240 who attended the luncheon. Tim Curley, Director of Athletics, spoke to the group about “Gaining the Competitive Edge.”

photo of Tim CurleyDirector of Athletics Curley stressed that developing a collaborative team environment can be the single most important effort a successful organization undertakes. People want to contribute to the greater good and mission of an organization. Teamwork can provide the framework for that contribution. Teamwork can provide a system for holding teammates accountable, get creative juices flowing, help people to be more engaged and connected to organizational goals, and allow hidden leaders to emerge. We cannot and will not maximize our efforts to improve quality at this great University and within our units without focusing on team environments.

Tim Curley, Director of Athletics
Teamwork also builds diversity, through respect for different opinions, experiences, backgrounds, talent, cultures, and ethnicity. Working as a team can foster honest dialogue and transparent communication. It provides a means for all to give their input, be heard, and be listened to. But team members also need to have a sense of urgency, working to be the best they can and maximize potential right now. He pointed out that, in the currently challenging times, we need to improve the efficiency and quality of everything we touch. At the same time, there will be more changes, and change will come more rapidly than ever before. Teamwork will be the key to meeting these challenges head on every day.

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Penn State started the formal recognition of its innovation and improvement teams with the first Quality Expo in 1993. By 2003 the format had evolved to the current Quality Issues Forum. While this is the ninth Quality Issues Forum, it is also the 19th consecutive annual event celebrating these initiatives at Penn State. Since 1991, more than 960 continuous quality improvement teams and other quality initiatives have registered at the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment’s database. New teams are encouraged to register in the OPIA database. Members of teams formed between April 2011 and March 2012 will be recognized in 2012.