Quality Issues Forum 2010

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Senior Vice President for Finance and Business/Treasurer Al Horvath speaks at Quality Issues Forum

Louise SandmeyerOn April 30, 2010, 60 teams with over 600 members, representing 3 campuses, 7 colleges, and 10 support units, were recognized at the 8th Quality Issues Forum. Louise Sandmeyer, Executive Director of the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment, welcomed the group of 300 team members who attended the luncheon. Al Horvath, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business/Treasurer recognized the work of the teams, placed it in the context of Penn State’s current strategic goals and initiatives, and acknowledged the contributions Nancy Eaton and John Romano have made to continuous quality improvement.

Senior Vice President Al Horvath spoke about how “OK is not OK” for Penn State, although change may be hard. Times change, resources change, people change, and technology changes. At Penn State we have fostered a climate of collaboration, a system of lean operational efficiency, and a culture of interdisciplinarity …we need to build on the University’s great attributes and incorporate a culture of adaptability – of positive, forward-looking change.

Al Horvath, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business/Treasurer
Remaining the same will not move Penn State forward in this environment. Penn State’s strategic plan for 2009-10 through 2013-14 includes goals to advance academic and research excellence and control costs and generate additional efficiencies. Al HorvathAs part of this plan, Penn State has established the Academic Program and Administrative Services Review Core Council and three committees to identify opportunities for increased effectiveness, efficiency, and savings. Penn State will need to make the most of all of its resources – human, capital, and process. The teams at the luncheon – including those addressing issues such as student recruiting, research grants and contracts, and greening the University – show the breadth of those activities. Those who have worked on continuous quality improvement teams have already identified and implemented some of the opportunities to move toward those goals, and are role models for the rest of the University.

View the slides from Senior Vice President Horvath’s presentation.

Nancy Eaton, Dean of University Libraries and Scholarly Communications, and John Romano, Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses, were recognized for their contributions to the advancement of continuous quality improvement at Penn State. honoreesDean Eaton sponsored or was a part of 38 teams over the past 13 years, with topics ranging from media services to technology and human resources issues. Dr. Romano sponsored or led 77 teams over the past 18 years, many focused on improving service to students and increasing efficiencies in processes for staff.

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A listing of the teams being recognized in 2010

A Gallery of Photos


Penn State started the formal recognition of its innovation and improvement teams with the first Quality Expo in 1993. By 2003 the format had evolved to the current Quality Issues Forum. While this is the eighth Quality Issues Forum, it is also the 18th consecutive annual event celebrating these initiatives at Penn State. Since 1991, more than 900 continuous quality improvement teams and other quality initiatives have registered on the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment’s database. New teams are encouraged to register in the OPIA database. Members of teams formed between April 2010 and March 2011 will be invited to the Quality Issues Forum to be held in 2011.