Quality Issues Forum 2008

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Continuous Quality Improvement Teams
and Improvement Initiatives, 2007 - 2008

Since April 2007, 66 quality teams and other improvement initiatives were added to the Continuous Quality Improvement database maintained by the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment.

The Executive Vice President and Provost Rodney Erickson and the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment would like to recognize the following teams and individuals for their contributions to innovation and improvement at Penn State.

College of Agricultural Sciences

Biobased Products and Renewable Energy Team

College of Agricultural Sciences

Objective: Identify emerging program priorities, including the Biomass Energy Center, agriculture-based energy production and alternate energy sources, sustainable bio-economies, and technology transfer to public and private sectors.

Team Membership: Tom Richard, Co-Chair, Greg Roth, Co-Chair, Jeff Catchmark, Claire Hinrichs, John Karakash, Chris More, John Nikoloff, Chuck Ray, Gary Sheppard, Tom Wilson, Greg Ziegler

Economic Sustainability Team

College of Agricultural Sciences

Objective: Identify emerging program priorities, including gaps and opportunities in research, degree programs/courses, and extension education in profitability and sustainability of agricultural and natural resources production and processing, agricultural workforce and its development, and public education for agricultural literacy.

Team Membership: Jill Findeis, Co-Chair, Judd Michael, Co-Chair, Dan Eichenlaub, Jeff Hyde, Kathy Kelley, Tim Kelsey, Jon Laughner, Dave Mortensen, Troy Ott, Bryan Snyder, Mary Wirth

Food Safety and Quality Team

College of Agricultural Sciences

Objective: Identify emerging program priorities in research, degree programs/courses, and extension education in consumer health and wellness, food safety research, training, and certification for consumers, retailers, processors, and producers, and integration of food systems to address economics, safety, and food independence across local and global food systems.

Team Membership: John Coupland, Co-Chair, Bhushan Jayarao, Co-Chair, Gary Abdullah, Marilyn Corbin, Cathy Cutter, Chobi DebRoy, Ali Demirci, Duff George, Gretchen Kuldau, Amechi Okereke, Nancy Wilker

Protection of Plant, Animal, and Human Health Team

College of Agricultural Sciences

Objective: Identify emerging program priorities in research, degree programs/courses, and extension education in environmental impacts on human health, infectious disease, and proactive and cost effective approaches to anticipate, isolate, and eradicate outbreaks, including potential bioterrorist threats affecting crop, livestock, and forest production.

Team Membership: Ernest Hovingh, Co-Chair, Seogchan Kang, Co-Chair, Avery August, Ottar Bjornstad, David Filson, Chuck Gill, Nan Hanshaw, Joel Hersh, Mike Hulet, Scott Isard, Dave Johnson, Mary Kennett

Sustainable Environments Team

College of Agricultural Sciences

Objective: Identify emerging program priorities in research, degree programs/courses, and extension education in environmental solutions for air, land, water, and biological systems, and natural resource and environmental economics, sociology, and law/policies and planning.

Team Membership: Mary Barbercheck, Co-Chair, Jim Shortle, Co-Chair, Jeff Mulhollem, Design Team, Craig Altemose, Doug Beegle, Elizabeth Boyer, Matt Ehrhart, Virginia Ishler, Dana Rizzo, Kristin Saacke Blunk, Rob Shannon

E-Learning Strategies Team

College of Agricultural Sciences

Objective: Study operational priorities, processes, and policies related to e-learning in the areas of program selection for new program development, maintenance and revision of existing courses, and form, function, and cost recovery for the college e-learning group.

Team Membership: Diane Mc Laughlin, Co-Chair, David Sylvia, Co-Chair, Melanie Barkley, Suzanne Bienert, Carrie Bomgardner, Barb Christ, Claudia Mincemoyer

Sustaining and Advancing College Excellence Team

College of Agricultural Sciences

Objective: Study college level operational priorities, processes, and policies to organize research, teaching, and extension around the integration of the food and fiber system, ecosystem, and socioeconomic system, control costs and increase funds available to support college level program priorities, and consider opportunities for centralization of services.

Team Membership: David Blandford, Co-Chair, Gary Perdew, Co-Chair, Ted Alter, Mary Jo Depp-Nestlerode, Karl Girton, Roger Martell, Walt Peechatka, Ed Rajotte

College of Arts and Architecture

Architecture Benchmarking Survey Team

Department of Architecture

Objective: Identify institutions with undergraduate programs and facilities similar to those of the PSU Department of Architecture.

Team Membership: Dan Willis, Project Director, Charlie Cox, Jodi La Coe

Penn State Berks

Enrollment Management, Strategic Planning Team

Penn State Berks

Objective: Used data, including a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis and institutional and census information, to identify enrollment management initiatives and action plans.

Team Membership: Janelle Larson, Chair, Yuriko Beaman, Kelly Burr, Stefanie Kerns, Alice Shaparenko

First Year Experience Team

Penn State Berks

Objective: Examine the programs and services associated to improve the experience of new students at Penn State Berks.

Team Membership: Saundra Reichel, Chair, Martha Aynardi, Yuriko Beaman, Dan Brown, Kelly Burr, Mary Lou D’Allegro, Jeff Fazio, John Gallagher, Cheryl Gustitus, Stefanie Kerns, Tami Mysliwiec, Valerie Rowe, Sue Rowley, Jessica Simmons

Smeal College of Business

Supply Chain and Information Systems Faculty Teaching Quality Improvement Team

Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems

Objective: Enhance the learning experience of our students by meeting as a faculty group to share classroom and teaching experiences.

Team Membership: Larry Spence, Leader, Norman Aggon, Marilyn Blanco, Gary Gittings, Ed Glantz, Kitty Riley, Evelyn Thomchick, Gene Tyworth

College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Women in Materials Science and Engineering Task Force

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Objective: Evaluate the environment within the department as it pertains to women employees, students, and faculty.

Team Membership: Elizabeth Dickey, Leader, Long Chen, Theresa Foley, Chris Muhlstein, Hyeran Noh, Jennifer Ray-Sloppy, Kathy Spicer, Susan Trolier-McKinstry

College of Engineering

Electrical Engineering Staff Advisory Committee

Department of Electrical Engineering

Objective: Foster communication between work groups; meet with represented group to bring group specific issues forward; identify procedures that need to be highlighted or created, i.e. “parking passes”; integrate graduate students; and develop a department emergency plan.

Team Membership: Gabi Rhinehart, Chair, Connie Burger, Deb Stauffer, Kenneth Jenkins, Stanley Peterson, Mona Lisa Shaw

College of Engineering / College of Information Sciences and Technology / College of Medicine

Healthcare Engineering Team

College of Engineering / College of Information Sciences and Technology / College of Medicine

Objective: Enact process changes that significantly impact patient care in our Emergency Department by physician directed queuing: efficient function under crowded conditions.

Team Membership: Chris DeFlitch, Leader, Joanna Abraham, Jodi Armold, Ravi Cherukuri, Steve Davis, Stan Duffendack, Mark Escott, James Fenush, William Fisher, Glenn Geeting, Lori Gettle, Lisa Haas, Catherine Harmonsky, Frank Kapper, John Litell, Deb Medeiros, Kathleen Moyer, Sharoda Paul, Victor Pilewski, Madhu Reddy, Molly Rinier, Nathaniel Sheetz, Justin Smith, Eric Swenson, Thomas Terndrup

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Behrend CQI Team for the Incomplete Registration Process

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Objective: Review the processes under which we work with students to get them to complete their registrations because of all the changes that have been implemented in the tuition payment processes of the University. This includes the implementation of electronic bills and the varying due dates for payment to the Bursar’s Office.

Team Membership: David Christiansen, Sponsor, Bob Light, Leader/Facilitator, Mary Ellen Bayuk, Jane Brady, Biddy Brooks, Tracy Claybaugh, Randy Geering, Kathy Noce, Laura Plocido

Finance and Business

Office of Physical Plant Access Control and Electronic Security Programs Team

Office of Physical Plant

Objective: Develop unit organizational structure, job descriptions and Position Information Questionnaires for new positions, and define roles and responsibilities for new unit and other University departments involved with access control and electronic security programs.

Team Membership: Phillip Melnick, Sponsor, Lloyd Rhoades, Leader, Allen Bonsell, Facilitator, Eric Bauman, Scotty Eble, Paul Politza, Don Reed, Tom Sowerby, Joel Weidner, William Welch

Office of Physical Plant Construction Project Turnover Team

Office of Physical Plant

Objective: Develop and document processes to ensure efficient and timely turnover of outside construction projects to the operating units, including the documentation, training, and maintenance of the facility systems and grounds.

Team Membership: Lisa Berkey, Sponsor, John Bechtel, Leader, Allen Bonsell, Facilitator, Steve Briskar, Jeff Dice, Chuck Dobbins, Leidy Klotz, Bob Krasinski, Rick Phillips, Mike Reese, Dennis Smith, Terry Weiler, Tim Zerby

Office of Physical Plant Contractor Safety Team

Office of Physical Plant

Objective: Develop an integrated safety program clearly defining standards and the Office of Physical Plant’s role as an active participant in ensuring contractor safety on the job site while not compromising the responsibility of the contractor.

Team Membership: Lisa Berkey, Sponsor, John Bechtel, Leader, Bob Becker, Dan Breon, Kurt Fink, Don Fronk, Terry Hansel, Peggy Janowiak, Gary Langsdale, Mark Linsenbigler, Ron Perttu

Office of Physical Plant Supervisor Hiring Team

Office of Physical Plant

Objective: Develop guidelines for hiring good supervisors, including but not limited to promoting a respectful and engaged work environment, the courage to hold employees individually accountable for their performance and conduct, and the ability to understand and communicate the “big picture”.

Team Membership: Steve Maruszewski, Sponsor, Ford Stryker, Sponsor, Susan Rutan, Leader/Facilitator, Greg Andersen, Maurine Claver, Rob Cooper, Ken Korbich, John Mason, Phillip Melnick

Office of Physical Plant Construction Quality Assurance Team

Office of Physical Plant

Objective: Decrease problems that occur on construction projects which result in processing Change Orders. Increase the quality of construction documents, and provide a focus for inspection services by including the inspectors in the pre- construction development processes.

Team Membership: John Bechtel, Sponsor, Jeff Kokoskie, Leader/Facilitator, Dan Breon, Michele Brown, Jim Fail, Bill Hughes, Ted Kolbe, John Reish, Katie Rountree, Dennis Smith, Terry Weiler

Office of Physical Plant Web Site Team

Office of Physical Plant

Objective: Improve Web-based communication for Office of Physical Plant employees and their customers, providing a central point of access to all Office of Physical Plant services and customer information applications.

Team Membership: Steve Maruszewski, Sponsor, Maddy Cantu, Leader, Doug Donovan, Facilitator, Matt Donovan, Heidi Elliott, Bob Kellar, Candace Wert

Office of Physical Plant Corridor Storage and Use Team

Office of Physical Plant

Objective: Develop a policy addressing the use of building corridors and stair towers for storage and placement of materials, as well as a communication strategy for the policy.

Team Membership: Maurine Claver, Sponsor, Steve Triebold, Leader, John Bechtel, Deborah Blythe, Clark Colborn, Ed Conklin, Holly Dickey, Will Gallaher, Gene Grogan, Robert Holden, Phillip Melnick, Becky Peplinski, Dave Sarge, Barry Scerbo, David Witmer

eLiving Development and Implementation Team

Auxiliary and Business Services

Objective: Develop and implement a new comprehensive Web-based housing assignment system named eLiving, a customized housing management application which efficiently and effectively serves our students from the time they are offered campus housing as first year students through graduation.

Team Membership: Joel Weidner, Sponsor, Lynn DuBois, Co-Leader, Steve Focht, Travis Freehauf, Jennifer Garvin, Amanda Knerr, Randy Kramkowski, Kathy Krinks, Ryan Morgan, Mike Sherlock, Eric Specht

Finance and Business / Information Technology Services

IPAS - Information Privacy and Security Project Team

Finance and Business / Information Technology Services

Objective: Enhance data security practices at Penn State to assure the privacy of critical information and to comply with internal policies and external regulations.

Team Membership: Mike Leach, Project Manager, Craig Henniger, Kathy Kimball, David Lindstrom, Lorraina Snook, Jenn Stewart

Bulk Buy Team

Finance and Business / Information Technology Services

Objective: Coordinate and consolidate a large portion of Penn State’s information technology spending to drive pricing down for the entire University. The project team organized an effort to determine demand, consolidate configurations, negotiate with vendor(s), and coordinate the ordering process.

Team Membership: John Ake, Carol Fitzgerald, Janda Hankinson, Meg Harpster, Jonathan Homan, Kevin Morgan

Finance and Business / Student Affairs

Employee Career Services Team

Career Services / Office of Human Resources

Objective: Develop a means of providing career counseling and programming services to Penn State faculty and staff (as an Employee Assistance Program) through a collaboration between the Office of Human Resources and Career Services. The initiative was prompted by frequent requests from University employees for career counseling assistance.

Team Membership: Susan Morse, Sponsor, Jack Rayman, Sponsor, Bob Orndorff, Chair, Cindy Campbell, Dulin Clark

Finance and Business / Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Admission Online Acceptance Team

Undergraduate Admissions / Office of the Bursar / Housing and Food Services

Objective: Develop an online service allowing admitted students to accept their offers of admission and request housing.

Team Membership: Anne Rohrbach, Sponsor, Scott Bitner, Lynn DuBois, Jennifer Garvin, Randy Kramkowsk, Ryan Morgan, Rick Ramsay, Le Ann Rossman, Carolyn Saona, Marty Smith, Ann Sprankle, Vince Timbers, Jeffrey Waters

Information Technology Services

Identity and Access Management Team

Information Technology Services

Objective: Create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) road map for Penn State. A secondary goal is to establish a community of people and organizations from across the University who understand each other’s pressures, needs, and desires for developing an IAM infrastructure that will support and enhance academic, research, business, and collaborative processes.

Team Membership: Renee Shuey, Co-Leader, Joel Weidner, Co-Leader, Deborah Meder, Subgroup Leader, Ken Forstmeier, Subgroup Leader, David Lindstrom, Subgroup Leader, Steve Kellogg, Subgroup Leader, Masume Assaf, Jackie Babcock, Scott Bitner, Chris Brown, Jeffrey Campbell, Sean Costella, Lisa German, John Gorman, Gary Grgurich, Tom Irwin, Cindy Kellerman, Kathy Kimball, Linda Klimczyk, Marta Miguel, Jerry Mihaly, Frank Miller, Tom Moore, Greg Myford, Donna Neideigh, Janice Pearce, Bob Quinn, Karen Schultz, Stephen Selfe, Cheryl Seybold, Steve Shala, Steve Shelow, Jim Smith, Lorraina Snook, Vince Timbers, Neal Vines, James Vuccolo, Michelle Weaver, Matthew Weber, Eric White

Information Technology Services / Outreach / Undergraduate Education

Schedule of Courses Improvements Team

Information Technology Services / Outreach / Undergraduate Education

Objective: Research various improvements to the Web-based Schedule of Courses.

Team Membership: Karen Schultz, Sponsor, Jeanne Hunter, Leader, Rebecca Beatty, Dawn Boyer, John Harwood, George Khoury, Jack Sinclair, Penny Smith, Nick Tates, Shawn Wagner

Information Technology Services / Student Affairs / Undergraduate Education / University Relations

eLion Emergency Contact Team

Information Technology Services / Student Affairs / Undergraduate Education / University Relations

Objective: Implement mandatory collection of emergency contact information for students prior to the fall 2007 semester.

Team Membership: Philip Burlingame, Co-Sponsor, Karen Schultz, Co-Sponsor, Dawn Boyer, Todd Clouser, Carol Findley, Ed McGowan, Annemarie Mountz, Kathi Reynolds, John Yearick

Information Technology Services / University Libraries

Meeting Maker to Oracle Conversion Team

Information Technology Services / University Libraries

Objective: Migrate University Libraries faculty and staff from the Meeting Maker calendar to Oracle calendar.

Team Membership: Kurt Baker, Chair, Carrie Friday, Nikki Massaro Kauffman, Deborah Metzel, Betty Nirnberger, Larry Riffle, Jim Salvaggio, Mark Saussure, Doris Stover, Susan Walker, Bob Walters, Lance Wilkinson


Web Process Improvement Team


Objective: Review workflow processes for Web sites produced for Conferences and Institutes. Streamline and document the process to reduce confusion and the number of hours spent creating these sites.

Team Membership: Herbert Reininger, Sponsor, Marie Young, Leader, Marianne Guidos, Facilitator, Joshua Ellis, Becky Barnard, Pam Driftmier, Mike Gallo, Ritu Jayakar, Greg Miller, Brian Mizikar, Debbie Novitsky, Gail Strock

Outreach / Undergraduate Education

Adult Learner Improvements Team

Outreach / Undergraduate Education

Objective: Improve the identification and tracking of adult learners. Improve the ISIS adult indicator activation process for: 1) adults at their point of entry; 2) enrollees who meet adult criteria according to financial aid forms; and, 3) enrollees who become adults during enrollment.

Team Membership: Carol Findley, Leader, Tom Alterio, Brian Clark, Shari Howell, Marty Smith, Rod Smith, Dan Stoicescu, Rachel Stover, Vince Timbers, Michele Wian

Research / The Graduate School

Nucleic Acid Facility Team


Objective: Provide the researchers at Penn State with high quality data at a low price and a quick turnaround.

Team Membership: Deborah Grove, Director, Sheila Plock, Ashley Price

Office of Graduate Educational Programs Student Service Team

The Graduate School

Objective: Create a cohesive community of scholars who would support each other’s goals to attend graduate school.

Team Membership: Judy Banke, Nathaniel Frederick, Syrena Johnson, Jenneth Layaou, Marcela Movit, David Perez, Curtis Price, Felicia Saunders, Teresa Tassotti, Caleb Wilson

Graduate School Online Admissions Application Redesign Team

The Graduate School

Objective: Redesign the Graduate School online admissions application. Applicants to The Graduate School will be able to upload their supporting documents, such as the writing sample and statement of purpose. Applicants will be able to designate individuals to write letters of reference that can also be uploaded to the permanent application record.

Team Membership: Regina Vasilatos-Younken, Sponsor, Chris Brown, Co-Chair, Cindy Nicosia, Co-Chair, Heather Duty, Marilyn Engle, Judy Evock, Jodi Johnson, Dmitry Podkuiko

Schreyer Honors College / Undergraduate Education Schreyer

Honors College Online Application Team

Schreyer Honors College / Undergraduate Education

Objective: Develop an on-line application for the Schreyer Honors College.

Team Membership: Anne Rohrbach, Sponsor, Garrick Bodine, Mitch Kirsch, Phil Pruszko, Richard Stoller, Vince Timbers

Penn State Schuylkill

Staff Retention Mentors Team

Penn State Schuylkill

Objective: Establish a mentoring program where the Mentors are staff members and the Mentees are provisional and associate degree students to achieve a better retention rate of these “at risk” students.

Team Membership: Elyce Lykins, Leader, Lee Pottieger, Team Researcher, Rosanne Chesakis, Judy Lenick, Susan Martin, Stacy Seaman, Patty Shoener, Rose Snowell, Shannon Wabby, Rosalie Yeager, Darlene Young

Eberly College of Science (ECOS)

ECOS Human Resources Process Improvement Working Group

Eberly College of Science

Objective: Identify and analyze HR processes that are problematic or are perceived to lead to inequities by staff, and develop better approaches to these processes.

Team Membership: Karin Foley, Leader, Jayanth Banavar, Bob Fantaske, Nancy Johnson, Cathy Lutz, Bronnie McLaughlin, Bobby Misher, Susan Morse, Rubina Nashine, Theresa Peters, Linda Pierce, Lenny Pollack, Larry Ramsey, Mary Anne Raymond, Christine Selders, Anne Stover, Beth Trimble

ECOS Information Technology Working Group

Eberly College of Science

Objective: Discuss issues, create policy, and slowly develop a culture of collaboration among the information technology practitioners in the college.

Team Membership: Karin Foley, Leader, Evelyn Bradley, Jon Fine, Joshua Fritsch, Frank Kachurak, Jeff Minelli, Christopher Stahl, Dave Straub, Song Tan, Andy Youstic

Student Affairs

Effects of Early vs. Late Physical Therapy Referrals on Outcomes of Ankle Rehabilitation

University Health Services

Objective: Examine our standard of care and determine the effects of early versus late referrals to physical therapy on the outcomes of ankle rehabilitation. The objective is that University Health Services practice patterns will fall within the Preferred Practice Patterns of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Team Membership: Linda Eck, Leader, Ken Hurd, Ellen Jankowski, Kristin Taylor

Hypertension Treatment Team

University Health Services

Objective: Measure clinician recognition and follow-up of patients with elevated blood pressure at University Health Services as compared with nationally recognized standards of care.

Team Membership: Karen Anderson, Leader, Chuck Moore, Evan Pattishall

Asthma Treatment Team

University Health Services

Objective: Ensure the continuing quality of asthma care for University Health Services patients based on evolving national guidelines outlined in the National Asthma Education and Prevention Expert Panel Reports.

Team Membership: Ann Shallcross, Leader, Skip Bassett, Stefanie Dunk, Kathy Petroff, Diane Smith, Steve Tingley

Minor’s Consent Process - Emergency Medical Services Team

University Health Services

Objective: Improve the process of capturing all required information when obtaining consent for treatment of minors at special events.

Team Membership: Dave Jones, Leader, Josh Geiple

Varicella (Chickenpox) Education and Notification Team

University Health Services

Objective: Increase awareness among college students of the need for two doses of the Varicella vaccine and encourage compliance with international recommendations.

Team Membership: Shelley Haffner, Leader, Skip Bassett, Jennifer Brooks, Beth Collitt, Michelle Johnson, Josh Miller

Student Insurance Team

University Health Services

Objective: Improve the student insurance enrollment or declination process for graduate assistants and graduate fellows by placing the process online. This will allow direct access by the student, reducing the error rate and resources needed to process paper applications.

Team Membership: Karen Kline, Leader, Judy Bechman, Colleen McKay, Jennifer Welch

Documentation of Past Medical History

University Health Services

Objective: Improve the documentation of past medical history within the nurse encounters through the Peer Review process.

Team Membership: Lu Ann Benz, Leader

Documentation of Observation Care

University Health Services

Objective: Improve the documentation of observation care in the electronic health record through the Peer Review process.

Team Membership: Theresa Conway, Leader, Sylvia Musheno

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Prescription Refills Team

University Health Services

Objective: Improve the process in order to eliminate the need to rewrite 12 month prescriptions, i.e. contraceptives, filled at the pharmacy each fall, when students have transferred a prescription off-campus over the summer but have not exhausted the refills on the prescription.

Team Membership: Nora Maginnis, Leader, Stefanie Dunk, Chet Evans, Jim Gill, Bob Heinbach, Kathy Petroff, Diane Smith, Curt Swagler

Special Billing Issues Team

University Health Services

Objective: Improve the process of billing services for patients with special billing issues, i.e. worker’s compensation, to ensure that charges are posted initially with the appropriate account and not to the student’s bursar account.

Team Membership: Michael Gouse, Leader, Connie Cavalier, Nicki Shunk, Barbara Virgil

Peer Review of Adverse Events Process Team

University Health Services

Objective: Identify potential process improvements through the systematic peer review of any adverse event.

Team Membership: Nancy Lambert, Leader, Michelle Bonson

Educating Patients with Abnormal Pap Test Results Team

University Health Services

Objective: Evaluate and identify areas for improvement in the process of educating patients with abnormal Pap test results. The education is based on national professional standards for patient education relating to abnormal Pap tests and is provided by the nursing staff.

Team Membership: Elaine Hazi, Co-Chair, Joanna Moyer, Co-Chair, Agatha Glusko, Kathy Petroff

Nursing Intake and Scheduling Process Team

University Health Services

Objective: Improve the efficiency of the processes of nursing intake and scheduling to enable each patient to be seen by their clinician at the time of the scheduled appointment.

Team Membership: Agatha Glusko, Leader, Elaine Hazi, Kathy Petroff

Effectiveness of the Alcohol Intervention Project Team

University Health Services

Objective: Determine if the Alcohol Intervention Program effectively reduced the reported amount of alcohol consumption and the frequency of drinking. The goal is to lower high risk drinking behaviors.

Team Membership: Diana Ramos, Leader, Susan Kennedy

Cleanliness Survey Team

University Health Services

Objective: Monitor cleanliness in our health care facility at all times in order to find areas in which facilities staff may need to improve processes.

Team Membership: Wes Cartwright, Leader, Michelle Bonson

Student Affairs / Undergraduate Education / University Relations

FTCAP Welcome Video Committee Team

Student Affairs / Undergraduate Education / University Relations

Objective: To revise the welcome and introduction to the First-Year Testing, Counseling and Advising Program (FTCAP) for University Park students and families. The revised welcome will be in the form of a video that will welcome students and families to FTCAP, provide a context for the rest of the day, and begin to get students thinking about their plans for a successful academic career.

Team Membership: Yvonne Gaudelius, Chair, Cyndee Graves, Linda Higginson, Shandol Hoover, Clair Poletti, Joe Puzycki, Eric White

Undergraduate Education

Course Prerequisite Checking Team

Undergraduate Education

Objective: Examine Penn State’s current method for checking course prerequisites and recommend improvements.

Team Membership: Karen Schultz, Sponsor, Richard Cyr, Leader, Mary Ellen Bayuk, Dawn Boyer, Rich Carlson, Lee Coraor, Carol Findley, George Khoury, Mark Morrisson, David Salvia, James Sellers, Lorie Stumpo, Sherry Wagner, Sherry Walk, Eric White

Summer Session Task Force Undergraduate Education

Objective: Analyze the University Park summer session model. The formation of the team was prompted by declining resident instruction summer session student enrollment over the last several years.

Team Membership: Yvonne Gaudelius, Chair, Samuel Auker, Richard Cyr, Cathy Dufour, Jackie Edmondson, Renata Engel, Clay Hosterman, Dave Ryan, Karen Schultz, Jack Selzer, Wayne Smutz

Campaign Tool Design and Development Team

Undergraduate Education

Objective: Consider, design, and develop a Web based tool that would allow admissions and recruitment personnel across the University to manage the broadest possible range of communications throughout the recruitment and admissions process.

Team Membership: David Kuskowski, Sponsor, Vince Timbers, Sponsor, Mary Adams, Craig Benner, Garrick Bodine, Deborah Erie, Marianne Fivek, Mike Harp, Diane Hughes, Andrea Konkol, Pat Mihaly, Tony Moore, Carrie Myers, Barbara Seyter, Jennifer Snare, Laura Thompson, Chris Walters

University Libraries

Leisure Reading Task Force

University Libraries

Objective: Establish guidelines and procedures for the development, management, and circulation of a general “leisure collection” in Pattee/Paterno Libraries.

Team Membership: Bob Alan, Chair, Roberta Astroff, Anne Behler, Chris Holobar, Gary White

Born Digital Workflow Initiative Work Group

University Libraries

Objective: Develop workflows for electronic resources for items that are born digital such as pdfs, data files, etc. This workflow would be from selection and acquisitions to access and preservation.

Team Membership: Mike Furlough, Co-Sponsor, Lisa German, Co-Sponsor, Gary White, Co-Chair, Stephen Woods, Co-Chair, John Attig, Joni Barnoff, Mike Bender, Jamie Jamison, Linda Klimczyk, Sue Kellerman

Pilot Project Team of the Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing

University Libraries / Penn State Press / Digital Library Technologies

Objective: Promote and develop new outlets for disseminating research online, and to develop financial models that can sustain them.

Team Membership: Linda Klimczyk, Chair/Project Manager, Kevin Clair, Linda Friend, Ben Grissinger, Rebecca Mugridge , Jennifer Norton, Karen Schwentner, Larry Wentzel

Wage Redesign Task Force

University Libraries

Objective: Revisit the findings of the Wage Advisory Committee (appointed by Dean Eaton in July 1999), and advise Libraries’ Human Resources and the Dean’s Library Council on a wide variety of issues related to student and non-student wage employment.

Team Membership: Angela Johnson-Tisdale, Sponsor, Wendy Stodart, Leader/Co-Facilitator, Cathy O’Connell, Co-Facilitator, Robyn Dyke, Joyce Harwell, Judy Hewes, Deena Morganti, Sandy Morgart, Jill Roland

Penn State Worthington Scranton

Worthington Scranton Teaching, Learning, and Technology Advisory Committee

Penn State Worthington Scranton

Objective: Make recommendations to the chancellor for improving the overall climate of the campus teaching, learning, and technology environments. Improve professional development efforts on campus (selection of topics, delivery methods, attendance issues, etc.)

Team Membership: Marilee Mulvey, Co-Chair, Brenda Seery, Co-Chair, Fred Aebli, Mary Lynn Brannon, Ruth Gilpin, Gene Grogan, Michael Mahalik, Jennifer Nace, John O’Meara, Debra Smarkusky, Gayle Smith, Ron Yevitz