6.3 Re-Balance Centalized/Dispersed Facilities/Services for Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness

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November 2013

(Year 2: 2010-2011)

Year 1: 2009-2010

Penn State is conducting a University-wide assessment and, in consultation with the Provost and Senior Vice President for Finance and Business, an Executive Oversight Committee has been established to address the balance of centralized/dispersed information technology equipment and services. An underlying philosophy of the project is transparency. An expected outcome is enhanced planning, decision making, and communication constructs for allocation of information technology resources. Additionally, Information Technology Services has approved a system for site-licensing of a digital signage system. Library staff has converted information to a content management system scheduled to go live for fall semester 2010.

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Year 2: 2010-2011

Penn State is in the process of assessing its internal information technology (IT) environment. This has involved a detailed survey and scores of interviews. The goal is to be able to effectively manage the constant balancing act of moving IT services to where they are best provisioned.