Goal 6 : Use Technology to Expand Access and Opportunities.

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November 2013


6.1 - Expand the World Campus and Other Online Educational Offerings

6.2 - Invest in Robust/Flexible IT Infrastructure for Teaching, Research, and Administration

6.3 - Re-Balance Centralized/Dispersed Facilities/Services for Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness

6.4 - Protect the Security and Integrity of the IT Infrastructure

Selected Performance Measures

  • Enrollment in World Campus programs
  • “Return on investment” for World Campus programs
  • Usage and growth of digital repositories
  • Percentage of faculty reporting use of Open Educational Resources (OER) materials
  • Cost for “commodity” information technology services
  • Percentage of faculty and staff computers with anti-virus software, spyware detection software, and adware detection software installed
  • Percentage of faculty and staff laptops with full disk-drive encryption
  • Percentage of Penn State’s merchants who are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant
  • Percentage of University units meeting current security standards