3.3 Expand Opportunities for Education Abroad and International Visiting Scholars

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November 2013

(Year 2: 2010-2011)

Much information about education abroad is available on a regularly updated Global Programs Web site, including resources for faculty-led study abroad programs and workshops such as Study Abroad 101. New study abroad scholarship funding is available for underrepresented students, first-generation college students, and students traveling to non-traditional locations. The Global Ambassadors program includes students returning from study abroad in outreach initiatives. Recent improvement in infrastructure contributed greatly to successfully addressing issues related to the Egyptian evacuation, the New Zealand earthquake, and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. In addition to the Global Engagement Network (GEN) relationships in Strategy 3.2, UOGP developed an exchange with Shanghai Jiao Tong University. A number of colleges and campuses have also developed education abroad and visiting scholar opportunities specific to the interests of their communities.

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