1.5 Promote and Support High Quality Graduate Education

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November 2013

(Year 3: 2011-2012)

In support of Strategy 1.5 relating to high-quality graduate education, initiatives included initiating ‘dashboards’ of relevant graduate program metrics that will be available for self-assessment by the programs, and will form the basis of internal review. There has been an increase of 159% in National Science Foundation Fellows from 2006-2007 to 2011-2012, and the Graduate School continues partnerships with several colleges to provide support and/or oversight for numerous externally originated awards. Additionally, the College of Medicine has reviewed six PhD programs which shared a common foundation and consolidated them into one Biomedical Sciences graduate program. This new program was launched in 2011-2012. The result has been an increase in yield for the new program, compared to the six individual programs in the past, and an increase in the diversity among the incoming students.

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