Educational Outcomes Alumni Survey Survey Results 03/07/96

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Educational Outcomes Alumni Survey
Survey Results


Similarities of results are more striking than differences based upon campuses at which alumni initially enrolled at Penn State. For example, the following table compares responses on several items for alumni who began at University Park and those who began at another Penn State campus.

University   Other
Park     Campuses
----------  --------
  • If starting college again, would attend Penn State 84% 83%
    • Average “effectiveness” for 19 items 3.4 3.5
    • Know zero faculty members well enough to ask for a letter of recommendation 15% 14%
    • Studied abroad 10% 5%
    • Satisfaction with study abroad 4.7 4.2
    • “Importance”: top six items track exactly, and 15 of 19 scores are identical.
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