Educational Outcomes Alumni Survey

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Penn State’s Office of Undergraduate Education has compiled preliminary results from a November 1995 Educational Outcomes Alumni Survey. The survey was designed mostly to answer two questions:

1. What are the important goals of an undergraduate education?

2. How effectively has PSU helped alumni achieve these goals?

The survey was administered to carefully drawn samples of baccalaureate degree recipients two and five years after graduation – that is, from the years 1989-90 and 1992-93. More detail on the methods and design are available.

Highlights of Results

Satisfaction. The satisfaction of alumni with Penn State is the clearest single message in the results of the survey: 83% of the respondents rated satisfaction with a 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale. Another striking result was consistency across groups. For example, on the satisfaction indicator just mentioned, every college, year, gender, ethnic, and location group rated satisfaction at least a 4.0.

Activities and Experiences. The survey also explored the activities of respondents both as undergraduates and as alumni – using the library, visiting museums, community involvement – and on study abroad; on whether alumni knew faculty members; and whether they have continued to work and study in the field.

Importance and Effectiveness. The heart of the results is a set of goals for undergraduate education. The survey asked alumni to rate these in terms of importance, and to evaluate how well their Penn State undergraduate education helped them to achieve those goals.

Not included in this web site are full analyses of differences by many cohort groups – year of graduation, gender , campus of initial enrollment , college, minority/non-minority status , participation/non-participation in study abroad, and traditional-age/non-traditional age.
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