Innovation and Improvement Team Accomplishments

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Innovation Extract: Perspectives on Change - Changing Your Perspectives

In Masterful Coaching Robert Hargrove points out the different levels at which change and improvement can be made: skills, processes, and relationships.

In Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking Susan Cain describes and challenges American perspectives on our styles in interacting with others. In Western culture we tend to think of the extrovert as the model for leadership. Where is the responsibility for including the introverted, thoughtful perspective in decision making and planning? 

Penn State Institutional Research Interest Group: The Pennsylvania State Data Center

The Pennsylvania State Data Center (PaSDC) was established in 1981 by Executive Order of the Governor and is Pennsylvania’s official source for population and economic statistics. The PaSDC is one of five centers within the Institute of State and Regional Affairs at Penn State Harrisburg. Today’s presentation will provide an overview of the Institute and then provide more detail about the products and services of the PaSDC. This includes showing examples of current projects and the capabilities of the technology being utilized for those projects.

Penn State Institutional Research Interest Group: Update on Student Information System Replacement Project

Our current Student Information System is over 30 years old. Learn the status of the project to replace the system, the challenges the project has encountered and what the next steps will be.

Workshop: Facilitating Planning, Improvement, and Assessment Projects and Teams

This full-day workshop provides hands-on experience in the role of a facilitator working with a team, as well as insights into the concepts behind facilitation. Facilitative approaches and tools can be used by the group leader, a designated facilitator, or individual group members. Effective facilitation can be helpful in developing desired results at a meeting whether the group is working on improving a process, managing a project, or assessing a program.

Workshop: Applying Quality Principles in Daily Work

Find out how to apply the activity based analysis improvement tool outlined in Innovation Insights #6: Doing the Right Things Right  to your work situation. Learn how you can apply basic quality principles to develop more effective and efficient work processes.

Quality Team Highlights: New Team

The highlighted team this month is:

Outreach - Team # 1038 Instructional Designer/Instructional Production Specialist Process Review Team

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Support for Planning, Improvement, and Assessment in Your Unit

Support for Planning, Improvement, and Assessment in Your Unit

The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment supports the University’s efforts to plan, assess, and improve programs and services. The Office is available, at no charge, to consult with and assist units to assess their needs, develop strategic plans, improve key processes, and develop collaborative team environments.

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