Extended Description - Graduate Degree Assessment Plan

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Degree Assessment Plan Elements – Due December 2016

Step 1 - Program Learning Objectives (PLO)
Specific skills, values, and attitudes that graduates of a program should exhibit.
Align with Graduate Council Scholarly and Professional Goals.

Step 2 - Curriculum/Milestone Map
Master’s degree: Align major courses and other required experiences with PLOs.
Doctoral degree: Align milestones (e.g. candidacy exam, dissertation) with PLOs.
Identify Introductory, Practice, and Demonstration of Mastery assessments embedded in curriculum or milestones.

Step 3 - Indirect Measures Map
Align indirect measures of learning with objectives
Indirect measures assess student or alumni learning perceptions (e.g. survey, interview)
    Post graduation data is another option

Step 4 - Assessment Plan
Choose program objective to measure.
Assessment measure description and phase in graduate education.
Performance criterion for that measure.
Assessment review process.

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