What is the current work environment?

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1. What is the current work environment?

  • Whom do you serve? Who are your customers, clients, or constituents (internal or external - the immediate users of your unit’s products or services)?
  • What services or products do you provide to your customers, clients, or constituents? What do your products or services do or make possible for them?
  • What do they expect of the services you provide?
  • What processes are in place to meet or exceed those expectations?
  • Who are your suppliers, those who provide input for your processes, products, or services? What information do you provide to them? What information do they need from you?
  • Who are your unit’s other stakeholders (groups which have an interest in your work unit and the products or services you provide)? What do they expect? What information do you provide to them about your unit, and your products and services?
  • What data do you have from your customers or co-workers that indicate how well you are meeting or not meeting expectations?
  • Which processes are within the scope of your unit’s control?
  • Which process will give you the most improvement for your effort?
  • Is there a group of people who know enough to improve this process?
  • Does your workplace welcome change?