What are some possible approaches to improve the processes?

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4. What are some possible approaches to improve the processes?

Identifying possible solutions

  • Is information missing or incorrect?
  • Are there unnecessary steps?
  • Does each step add value to the process?
  • Are any steps duplicated?
  • Are steps in logical sequence?
  • Are there unnecessary layers of approval?
  • Are there overlapping paper and electronic processes?
  • Is all paperwork necessary?
  • Are multiple people responsible for the same task?
  • Does the process take too much time?
  • Can you reduce wait time?
  • Do unnecessary complications or delays exist?
  • Where are the bottlenecks—places where everything backs up or slows down?
  • Is there rework being done?
  • Can you provide a new or better product or service?

Evaluating possible solutions

  • What are the potential benefits of the solutions?
  • What could go wrong with the solutions?
  • What are the projected costs?
  • Have you gathered ideas from others involved in the process about how it can be improved?
  • Are the solutions based on what you have learned?
  • Do the solutions address the causes?
  • Have you thought about eliminating or redesigning some of the steps in the process?
  • Have you identified ways to try out each solution?
  • Will the improvement address customer concerns?