Planning Initiatives

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Starting A Planning Initiative

The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment provides in-house support, upon request, for strategic planning initiatives within Penn State’s academic and administrative units. The Office approaches its work using a model[PDF] that integrates planning, assessment and improvement.

Many faculty and staff are aware of strategic planning, but are not clear on how to approach the process. Planning can help make the conscious effort to shape identity a living element of a unit’s organizational culture. But even seasoned leaders, as they consider how to undertake and sustain a planning process that will be productive, and not simply lead to ideas gathering dust on a shelf, may have questions.

Leading Unit-Level Planning[PDF] answers questions such as:

  • What is strategic planning?

  • What are effective models and approaches?

  • How does a unit prepare for, build, and implement a strategic plan?

  • Who should participate, and how?

  • How should the process start?

  • How can a unit develop a mission and vision statement?

An important part of the Office’s mission is to help Penn State units work through the planning process.

There is no charge for these consulting services. To further explore the ways in which the Office can support a unit that is starting a planning initiative, contact the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment.

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