Improvement Initiative

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Starting An Improvement Initiative

The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment provides support for improvement initiatives within Penn State’s academic and administrative units. The Office approaches its work using a model[PDF] that integrates planning, assessment and improvement.

To Be Successful, A Continuous Quality Improvement Team Needs:

The Steps to Initiate a CQI Team and Improve a Process are documented. Depending on the data you have in advance of the team’s work, and the outcomes you are looking for, you can work with the IMPROVE model, the Fast Track[PDF] approach, or Reengineering.

The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment Can:

  • Assist the sponsor in defining the process, and identifying the team members and team leader can get you started (Leading for Continuous Improvement[PDF] )

  • Identify a trained facilitator for the team

  • Provide start up training for the team to ensure clear understanding of the charge from the sponsor

  • Provide additional “just-in-time” training with various CQI tools as the team needs it

To register your team with the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment, click here.

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