Facilitating Teams

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What is the role of the CQI team facilitator?

The CQI team facilitator:

  • Assists the team leader in planning team activities and evaluating team meetings

  • Coaches the team in the use of the problem solving model and appropriate analytical tools

  • Facilitates productive group dynamics

  • Brings in outside advisers as necessary

  • Serves as a neutral third party to maintain the team’s focus

What are the benefits of having a facilitator on a CQI team?

The CQI team facilitator is familiar with structured problem solving and the IMPROVE model, and guides the team through the structured problem solving process. At the same time, the facilitator maintains a neutral position regarding the team’s specific recommendations, and is not too closely tied to the process bring improved. The team facilitator is also familiar with other resources at Penn State which may be useful to the team, such as “just-in-time” CQI tool training.

What are the benefits of serving as a CQI team facilitator?

Service as a CQI team facilitator provides several benefits in the areas of professional development and personal satisfaction. The facilitator will have extended hands-on experience with meeting management, group dynamics, and structured problem solving, all skills which can be used in his or her own unit. The facilitator will also have the opportunity to broaden his or her University perspective through working on a project outside of his or her own unit. Finally, the facilitator will have the satisfaction of contributing to making Penn State better.

What is the training to become a CQI team facilitator?

The recommended sequence of programs for those interested in facilitating a quality improvement team is:

  • An Overview of Continuous Quality Improvement

  • CQI Team Facilitation

  • Using the CQI Tools

How does one become a CQI team facilitator?

The first step is completing the training:

  • An Overview of Continuous Quality Improvement

  • CQI Team Facilitation

  • Using the CQI Tools

As new CQI teams are formed and they request facilitators, the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment reviews the list of prospective facilitators who have completed the training, looking for a fit between the team and a facilitator. The Office then contacts the prospective facilitator. If he/she is interested and available (including release time from his/her supervisor to attend ongoing team meetings), the Office will put the team leader, team sponsor, and prospective team facilitator in touch with each other to confirm the relationship and schedule start-up training for the team.