Starting An Initiative

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Starting An Assessment Initiative

The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment can help units to use quantitative and qualitative data to assess and improve organizational performance. The Office approaches its work using a model[PDF] that integrates planning, assessment and improvement.

Staff have considerable experience in consulting on:

  • The formulation of research questions

  • Decisions about research methodologies

  • The identification of appropriate strategic indicators

  • Conducting focus groups (of faculty, staff, students, or others)

  • Designing and/or administering surveys (of faculty, staff, students, or customers)

  • Assisting in the analysis of existing data

  • Establishing benchmarks for improvements

There is no charge for these services, which are an important part of the Office’s mission.

To further explore the ways in which the Office can work with units to develop information and data that support planning and improvement efforts, contact Michael Dooris.

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