Quality Endeavors Issue No. 149

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May 2012

In January 2012, as a more effective and efficient approach to recognize all of those who contribute to Penn State’s innovation and improvement initiatives, Penn State implemented its third generation of recognition. In brief, the new format continues the recognition of teams and team members through Quality Endeavors, the Web, and individual certificates. Recognition takes place through the year, in each issue of Quality Endeavors.

Recognition also includes this spring summary of new teams and the work that they have done. Since April 1, 2011, 33 new teams have been entered in the Team Database. A list of all the teams, by budget unit, can be found at Quality Team Highlights 2012. The 33 teams represent six colleges, two campuses, and nine academic support units. This database shows that Penn State has had 1000 registered process improvement teams from 1991 through April 2012.

In the past year, teams have worked on a wide range of projects and issues. Several units addressed reorganization of administrative staff or processes to provide improved services. Other units addressed topics to improve the process for students transferring or returning. Teams from University Libraries addressed aspects of the Libraries’ collections. Smeal College of Business continued its Innovation and Quality teams involving students. University Health Services teams addressed numerous issues related to student health and services provided. Six teams were sponsored by and involved collaboration between more than one budget unit.

From January through May 2012, 19 individual teams have been recognized in the monthly issues of Quality Endeavors. Recognition of the individual teams will continue in the fall.

Sponsors and leaders of teams not yet entered in the Team Database are encouraged to enter information  about their teams.