Quality Endeavors Issue No. 145

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January 2012

From the start of Penn State’s Continuous Quality Improvement program, one of the key components has been recognizing and celebrating the work done by team members and  sharing information about their accomplishments.  The first format for this was the Quality Expo, held each year from 1993 to 2002, in which teams developed displays to highlight the projects they worked on and were available during the daylong Quality Expo to answer questions and share experiences. In 2003, the Quality Expo was redesigned and renamed the Quality Issues Forum and Luncheon. Team members were invited to come together for lunch to celebrate their accomplishments and learn from a guest speaker more about the accomplishments and direction of quality improvement programs in higher education. Over the same time, Penn State’s format for making information about team accomplishments available outside of the event evolved, from annual printed listings to an online Team Database with team summary information available 24/7 worldwide.

It is now time to move to the third generation of a format to recognize, celebrate, and share information about the work of Penn State’s quality improvement teams. In view of the current environment, as a cost savings, and as a more effective and efficient approach to recognize all those who contribute to Penn State’s innovation and improvement initiatives, the decision was made to move away from the Quality Issues Forum and Luncheon format.
With this issue of Quality Endeavors, the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment is beginning Quality Team Highlights. Each issue of Quality Endeavors will feature several quality improvement teams. The first 2 featured teams are listed below. More information about their work can be found via the link to their page in the Team Database.

As with the Quality Issues Forum, each member of the teams entered in the Team Database will receive a certificate acknowledging their work. Also as with the Quality Issues Forum, all teams entered in the Team Database from April 1 of 2011 through March 31, 2012 will be listed in a spring issue of Quality Endeavors and on a Quality Team Highlights Web site.

Team leaders are encouraged to enter information about their team in the Team Database when the team starts meeting regularly. As in the past, budget executives will soon be invited and encouraged to have all new teams from their unit entered in the Team Database.

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