Quality Endeavors Issue No. 119

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April 2009

Quality Issues Forum recognizes improvement and innovation at Penn State

At the Quality Issues Forum on May 1, 2009, 59 teams of staff, faculty and students will be recognized for their work in improving and innovating processes across the University. This year, the 59 teams are comprised of 508 individuals from five colleges, nine campuses, and eight support units. The work of these teams range from the Office of Physical Plant developing strategies to more effectively purchase and control maintenance agreements at campus locations, to a college generating additional revenue for the college and establishing a model for sharing additional revenue, to a campus studying minority student recruitment efforts. A complete listing of the teams being recognized in 2009 can be found at /qif/2009/teams.html.

The Executive Vice President and ProvostRodney Erickson and the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment annually sponsor the Quality Issues Forum. This year, Provost Erickson will be the featured speaker.

Improvement and innovation have been a part of the University since the early 1990s, when Penn State established the University Council on Continuous Quality Improvement (UCCQI) and the CQI Center. Many of the improvement initiatives within academic and administrative units across the University are registered in the Team Database hosted by the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment. A complete listing of 860 teams, their objectives and outcomes is available at /database/indxnumb.htm.

Continuous quality improvement and innovation continue to be important to Penn State given the challenges facing higher education. To illustrate, one of the major goals in the upcoming strategic plan is to control costs and generate additional efficiencies. Strategies to accomplish that goal focus on promoting continuous quality improvement and rewarding innovation.