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Most issues of Quality Endeavors feature an article about what’s going on at Penn State or other institutions of higher education around the country related to institutional assessment, strategic planning, and improvement teams and initiatives. If you have any questions or comments about what you read here, or if you would like to suggest items for future feature articles, please contact Barbara Sherlock, Senior Planning and Improvement Associate in the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment, at 814-863-8721 or

Issue Date Title
156 February 2013 Innovation and Improvement Team Accomplishments
155 January 2013 Quality Team Highlights: Call for Recent Innovation and Improvement Teams
153 November 2012 Perspectives on Higher Education Across the United States
152 October 2012 Strategic Planning at Penn State - An Update
151 September 2012 2012 Leveraging Excellence Recipients
149 May 2012 Quality Team Highlights 2012
147 March 2012 Implementing Penn State’s Strategic Plan – A Year Three Update
145 January 2012 Introducing Quality Team Highlights: Share, Learn, and Celebrate Evolves
144 November 2011 Penn State CQI Team Accomplishments: Serving Students, Using Technology
143 October 2011 Penn State is Now Product Manager of Latest Leveraging Excellence Initiative
142 September 2011 Current Planning, Assessment, and Improvement Initiatives at Institutions Across the United States and in Canada
137 March 2011 Implementing Penn State’s Strategic Plan - A Year Two Update
135 January 2011 Penn State CQI Teams – Diverse Challenges, Solid and Measurable Improvements
134 December 2010 The Challenge: Educating More Students in a Difficult Economy
133 November 2010 How Other Universities Are Addressing Fiscal and Staffing Challenges
132 October 2010 2010 Leveraging Excellence Awards
131 September 2010 Efficiency and Effectiveness Opportunities
within Higher Education
127 March 2010 Cost Savings Approaches in Higher Education
126 February 2010 Implementing Penn State’s Strategic Plan - An Update
125 January 2010 Improvements with Impact
124 December 2009 Dealing with Mother Nature: The Homecoming Game Will Go On
123 October 2009 The Evolution of Process Improvement
122 September 2009 Organizational Initiatives in Higher Education
121 August 2009 Leveraging Excellence Award Winners
120 May 2009 Executive Vice President and Provost Rodney Erickson speaks at Quality Issues Forum
120 May 2009 Continuous Quality Improvement Teams
across the University
119 April 2009 Quality Issues Forum recognizes improvement and innovation at Penn State
118 March 2009 Developing Strategic Performance Indicators - Continuing and Distance Education
117 February 2009 Penn State Innovation and Improvement Teams: More Team Results!
115 December 2008 Seven Key Points for Successful Planning
114 November 2008

Penn State Innovation and Improvement Teams: Results!

113 October 2008 Leveraging Excellence in Higher Education
110 May 2008 Off the Shelf: From Ideas to Results
108 March 2008 Using Teams More Effectively
107 February 2008 Managing Limited Resources in Higher Education
105 November 2007 Current Planning and Innovation in Higher Education
103 September 2007 Strategic Indicators
102 August 2007 New Format for Quality Endeavors Newsletter