COM LION'S PRIDE: Clinical Trials Management Team

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Medicine, College of
Date Started: 
October 2015

Expanding the clinical research portfolio is a key area of focus at Penn State Hershey. For the past several years, industry-funded clinical trials have been increasing, but so, too, have the complexity of managing clinical trials and the expectations for a quicker successful start-up and accrual of study patients.

The Clinical Trials Management Design Team is charged with conducting a comprehensive analysis of the various roles and responsibilities involved in clinical trials management at Penn State Hershey. Such a comprehensive review has never been completed at the College of Medicine before, but will serve to provide critical insight into many of the existing challenges and opportunities to improve workflow and job satisfaction among faculty and employees who support our clinical trials enterprise.
As part of this review, we will investigate new models for enhanced service delivery that incorporate best practices and consistently applied standard operating procedures to ensure quality service to our customers.


Key areas the Clinical Trials Management design team is currently focusing on include:
   •Identification and categorization of key pain points from the recent Value Improvement Workshops
   •Addressing the IAF process for clinical trials
   •Tracking of charges and billing compliance and other related issues

Contact Person: 
Aravind Menon
  • David Claxton, MD, Leader
  • Stacey Cleary, Member
  • Kevin Cockroft, MD, Member
  • Jonathan Croft, Member
  • John Graybeal, Member
  • Dena Jefferson, Member
  • Amanda Kane, Member
  • Erlee Meyers, Member
  • Becky Jenkins, Member
  • Tressa Jilek, Member
  • Billie Moore, Member
  • Cindy Naret, Member
  • Terry Novchich, Member
  • Gil Pak, Member
  • Lee Ann Smith, Member
  • Michele Stanton, Member
  • Jennifer Stokes, Member
  • Barbara Suchanec, Member
  • Neal Thomas, MD, Leader
  • Heidi Watts, Member