Centralized Application Tracking System Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Advisory Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Agricultural Sciences, College of
Graduate School
Medicine, College of
Date Started: 
March 2015

The objective of the CATS IACUC Advisory Team is to improve and transform the business processes and system components related to the submission, review and approval of animal research at Penn State.


Desired Results:

To reduce administrative burden
To reduce researcher burden
To increase transparency
To maintain and improve review quality
To maintain and improve turnaround times

Contact Person: 
Laura Sabolchick Young
  • Rob Bonneau, Member
  • Smita Chopade, Member
  • Neil Christensen, Member
  • Jeff Dodds, Member
  • Bill Greer, Member
  • Cecelia Irvin, Member
  • Mary Kennett, Member
  • Eugene Matullo, Member
  • Tiffany Whitcomb, Member
  • Ron Wilson, Member
  • Jim Taylor, Leader
  • Laura Young, Member
  • Misha Kononov, Member
  • April Ripka, Member
  • Danielle Fasick, Member
  • Ming Ni, Member
  • Christian Irizarry, Member
  • Katie Bode-Lang, Member
  • Barbara Sherlock, Member