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Finance and Business
Date Started: 
December 2014

 1. Reduce energy consumption at the campuses.
 2. Improve building system’s effectiveness and efficiency; institute Work Order System at the campuses.
 3. Improve and enhance campus appearance.
 4. Ensure design and construction projects are well defined, on budget, on schedule, and of the highest
 5. Increase OPP efficiency in execution.
 6. Provide excellent customer service to the campuses.


Key Performance Measures: Customer service, energy savings, Integrated Energy Plan (ISP) participation, successful project completion rate, and deferred maintenance backlog.

November 2016 - Sponsored and Chartered “Maintenance Supervisor’s Committee” which is managed and maintained by Maintenance Supervisors at all Commonwealth campuses. They meet twice a year and have bi-monthly conference calls. We support them as requested.
Assisting campuses with choosing, instituting and maintaining Computerized Maintenance Management Systems.
Assisting campuses with instituting and funding Preventative Maintenance programs.
Developed and distributed a Funding Source Contact list to chancellors and DBSs.
Educated campuses on OPP Processes and Requirements.
Planned CEAP updates for all locations and assisted with Rebranding process for new Shield update at campuses.
Improved Major Maintenance and Campus Beautification planning & execution.
Streamlined Professional Agreement & Payment processing.

Standardized Design Review Process using Bluebeam software.

Instituted QuestCDN for online biding (smaller projects).

Assisting with OPP/CWS website development.

Contact Person: 
Adam Dent
  • Adam Dent, Leader
  • Lisa Berkey, Member
  • Jason Bush, Member
  • Rustyann Echard, Member
  • Kurt Fink, Member
  • Andrew Gutberlet, Member
  • Ben Hoffman, Member
  • Kate Lumley-Sapanski, Member
  • Lysa Holland, Member
  • Ian Salada, Member
  • Maddy Cantu, Member
  • Jesse Wells, Member
  • Michael Morrison, Member