Business to Business Corporate Alliance Program Onboarding Project

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)
Date Started: 
September 2013

Develop a new business development “onboarding process” for the Outreach & Online Education Corporate Alliance Program (CAP) that spans the time when a new business contact is originated, vetted and ultimately implemented. Address the registration and financial aid needs of students who may be enrolling as individuals or as groups through CAP employers and partners.

  • Mapped the onboarding process from when an MOA is created to when CAP students take their first courses
  • Defined metrics for success for the onboarding process including cycle time, staff time, and cost
  • Implemented a consensus, data-driven decision-making model involving staff members from across Outreach
  • Outlined future action items that will be addressed by continuing cross-functional team
  • Created the “CAP Onboarding Process Manual” to define, share, and implement new processes
Contact Person: 
Annette Fetterolf
  • Bob Igo, Sponsor
  • Adam Allen, Co-Leader
  • Alana Loht, Co-Leader
  • Michelle Nauman, Co-Leader
  • Melisa Ziegler, Co-Leader
  • Dawn Coder, Member
  • Janet Dillon, Member
  • Shubha Kashyap, Member
  • Jan Mellon, Member
  • Ashley Pepsin, Member
  • Kathy Rutherford, Member
  • Teri Spence, Member
  • Sarah Zipf, Member