College Advising Centralization Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Science, Eberly College of
Date Started: 
January 2013

The Advising Centralization Planning Team was tasked with assessing the delivery of advising services to Biology, BMB, Pre-Med, and Forensic undergraduates in the college. Prior to centralization each department or office hired it’s own adviser and the level of service provided to our students varied greatly. Having identified the need for centralization, the team worked with the Associate Dean to engage the appropriate individuals (advisers, department heads, undergraduate faculty leaders) and constructed the plan to co-locate the advisers in one building and then to develop a core delivery model. Objective: To deliver consistent and efficient advising services to the undergraduates in the Eberly College of Science.


As a result of co-locating the college’s advisers we have greatly improved the efficiency of communication within the unit, there is a more cohesive message delivered to the students, and the students have benefited from the increased access to educational resources.

Contact Person: 
Amanda Jones
  • Barbara DeHart, Member
  • James Howell, Member
  • Carolyn Jensen, Member
  • Paul Shaffner, Member