Design and Construction Staff Development Committee

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Finance and Business
Date Started: 
January 2011

The goal of this committee is to assess and provide professional development opportunities to the Design and Construction Division.


The team has continued to grow and expand our efforts. In 2013 we had 14 events. In 2014 we had 26 events. So far we’ve done 20 events in 2015 and expect to have around 30 events for the year. These events range from webinars to presentations to tours of construction sites on campus. Already in 2015, we’ve offered more than 25 hours of training and professional development attended by close to 300 people.

Contact Person: 
John Bechtel
  • John Bechtel, Leader
  • Paulette Rider, Member
  • Brett Traino, Member
  • Sam Bertolino, Member
  • Allen Bonsell, Member
  • Nevienne Manning, Member
  • Jim Rohan, Member
  • Denny Smith, Member
  • Jason Smith, Member
  • Sabrina Wert, Member