Facility Asset Management System

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Finance and Business
Date Started: 
January 2013

To develop and implement the Facility Asset Management System

  • Looking at Facility Asset Management on a large/enterprise scale
  • Leveraging one software program/application for all Facility Asset Management
  • Causing operational entities to review their processes and procedures
Contact Person: 
Phillip Melnick
  • Phillip Melnick, Steering Group
  • Brendan Bagley, Co-Leader
  • Bill Steudler, Co-Leader
  • Greg Andersen, Member
  • Blake Bergey, Member
  • Dave Burns, Member
  • Michelle Carr, Member
  • Matt Donovan, Member
  • Beth Haas, Member
  • Bob Hunter, Member
  • Bob Kellar, Member
  • Huoy-Jii Khoo, Member
  • Michelle McMullin, Member
  • Bob Mulhollem, Member
  • Shauna Nevel, Member
  • Eric Nulton, Member
  • Tracy O'Rourke, Member
  • Bruce Smith, Member
  • John Worthing, Member
  • Steve Maruszewski, Project Executive