Outreach Information Technology Incident Management Process Maturity Team

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University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)
Date Started: 
September 2013

This project will implement key improvements to our Incident Management Process based on recommendations from the process maturity assessments conducted in June 2013 and October 2013. The deliverables identified with this project will be critical to improving Incident Management effectiveness and efficiency and instilling structured approaches required to sustain these improvements. The improved Incident Management process should result in a better user experience and higher customer satisfaction.


Here are the critical success factors of the OIT incident management process:

–Resolve incidents as quickly as possible, minimizing impacts to the business
–Maintain quality of IT services
–Maintain user satisfaction with IT services
–Increase visibility and communication of incidents to business and IT support staff


In the first six months of the initiative, we saw the following results:

  • The percentage of incidents to which we responded on time (meaning they were assigned to the correct IT staff member and work was in progress) improved 77% to 91%
  • The percentage of incidents which were resolved on time (within the specified period of time based upon incident priority) improved from 84% to 95%
Contact Person: 
Steve Welshonse
  • Joshua Klenzing, Sub Project Leader
  • Jason Schrag, Sub Project Leader
  • Gregory Shehan, Sub Project Leader
  • Ricky Zayas, Project Owner
  • Steve Welshonse, Project Manager
  • Bob Zipf, Project Manager
  • Douglas Burns, Member
  • David Dorman, Member
  • Jerre Engelmann, Member
  • Tracy Gross, Member
  • Don Randolph, Member
  • Christian Renoe, Member
  • Patrick Ribblett, Member
  • James Sechrengost, Member
  • Joseph Stariha, Member
  • Francis Wayland, Member
  • Melissa Young, Member