Penn State Behrend Maintenance Integrated Safety Plan Team

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Penn State Erie
Date Started: 
June 2013

Continued quality improvement of the Penn State Behrend Maintenance Department’s safety program. The team is made up of the maintenance supervisor, two foreman and three staff members. Our goal is to create a work environment that is safe and free of hazards.


Our quarterly meeting has fostered good communication between the management and workforce regarding safety related issues. The team, through our meeting minutes, has a continuous list of safety related action items that have been and need to be resolved. The action items are not removed from the minutes unless the item is closed by the team. We have corrected many equipment repairs that were needed and made a purchase of several styles of non perscription safety glasses based on feedback from the work crew to the team members.

On September 20, 2013 the Behrend Maintenance was recognized by Maurine Claver, Director of PSU Enviromental Health & Safety for the team’s efforts to promote a positive safety culture, reduce the potential for workplace injuries and enhance regulatory compliance.


Purchase of a Big Easy Lift and accessories to avoid further shoulder, knee and back strains/injuries to maintenance staff. We have had three recorded injuries associated with removing manhole covers over the previous two years.

Replace old shop tools which were reported awkward and unsafe. Radial arm saw with no brake, archaic drill press, obsolete grinder with missing guards, band saw with worn guides causing blade to move. All of these shop tools are 25 plus years old. The current NRTL, UL and CSA standards that the new tools meet, ensures that these tools have the inherent designs and safeties in place and are up to date to protect our staff that use these tools.

Built crossover ladder to traverse piping in Library Penthouse in order to complete preventative maintenance and repairs. Climbing over piping was a unsafe practice and could result in injury.

ISP Safety Team requested and placed a convex mirror due to the number of close calls between vehicles entering and leaving the maintenance compound. There is a blind spot when leaving the compound due to the brick barrier and the incoming traffic. The mirror has reduced the number of “close calls” between vehicles.

Contact Person: 
Shawn Limrick
  • Shawn Limrick, Facilitator
  • Kevin Brown, Member
  • Brent Crandall, Member
  • Kevin Engle, Member
  • Larry Robertson, Member
  • John Troncone, Member