Cleanliness of Privacy Curtains in the Exam Rooms

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Student Affairs
Date Started: 
November 2012

The objective is that privacy curtains in the exam rooms are clean and exhibit none to very little contamination at all times.

Data Collection Plan - Describe the data that will be collected to determine the organization’s current performance.

Number of Curtains to be Evaluated - One exam room curtain will be evaluated from each hallway of both clinical floors for a total of eight curtains. Initially, the curtains will be randomly selected. However, the same curtains will be evaluated throughout the semester.

Method for Evaluating Curtains – The cleanliness of the curtains will be examined via two methods.

Method One - The first method will entail fluorescing the curtains with long wave UV for the presence of body fluids.

Method Two - The second method will entail collecting samples from each curtain using sterile BD Culture Swabs. The Lab will plate the swab samples on blood agar plates and incubate for a 24 hour period, read the plates and report the results to the Facilities Manager.

Frequency of Evaluation - The privacy curtains will be evaluated during the semester and at the end of the semester. Both evaluation methods will be performed at the same time.

Comparison of Current Performance vs goal - a comparison of the organization’s current performance against the previously identified performance goal in #2 above. Our goal was to find none to a very minimal amount of contaminates on the privacy curtains in the exam rooms. Our findings meet this goal.

Corrective Actions - implementation of corrective action(s) to resolve identified problem(s). No corrective actions are necessary at this time. The privacy curtains are currently being washed twice a year or as needed if we know a curtain is contaminated. Based on the findings of the initial evaluation, this is sufficient to keep the curtains clean.



There were little to no body fluids found on the privacy curtains. It is suspected that a very small amount of saliva was found on two curtains which most likely resulted from patients coughing while being treated in those exam rooms. Considering the number of patients seen in the exam rooms on the clinical floors each day, the privacy curtains are very clean.

The bacteria found on the privacy curtains in the exam rooms were in very small quantities. The bacteria that was found was common and can be found on practically any surface.

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Nancy Lambert
  • Michele Brown, Leader
  • Doris Guanowsky, Member
  • Shelley Haffner, Member