Technical Service Job Vacancy System

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Finance and Business
Date Started: 
September 2011
The project was to create an online system for the posting, viewing, and bidding of Technical Service jobs. The new system allows Technical Service employees 24-hour online access to view and bid on jobs as well as to easily update their Personal Data Sheets. Prior to launching this online system, Technical Service jobs were paper-based and manually posted in work units. Technical Service employees needed to call into the bid line during specific hours to bid on open positions. The online system allows for 24-hour access, personalized job search capability, job and bid status updates, online Personal Data sheets with the ability to upload additional supporting materials. The objective is to update the current job bidding process to a user-friendly online system with additional features and unlimited access.

The online job vacancy system has been completed and is set for a full launch on February 28th. We are currently working on training Technical Service employees on the new system, and asking employees to complete their online Personal Data Sheets. Progress will be measured by feedback gathered during and after the transition to the new system, as well as system user traffic.

Contact Person: 
Dave Feist
  • Rachele Brida, Leader
  • Hazel Weaver, Leader
  • Reese Doughty, Member
  • Richard Dumm, Member
  • Heather Duty, Member
  • Dave Feist, Member
  • Travis Fisher, Member
  • Barb Hundertmark, Member
  • Michael Keller, Member
  • Dovizia Long, Member
  • Ron Rohde, Member
  • Susan Rutan, Member
  • Jennifer Wilkes, Member
  • John Woodside, Member