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Finance and Business
Date Started: 
January 2012

The Design Review Process is a process whereby certain individuals internal (and some external) to OPP review Architect/Professional/Engineer Design documents/files prior to construction. This Review process was conducted years ago using an application called FoxPro. Because that application became antiquated and cumbersome, routing the documents/files was subsequently done through email. Email did not provide a proper audit trail of who reviewed (made comments on the documents) and those who were simply informed about the documents being circulated, nor did it provide a workflow for this process. The DocFinity application was determined to incorporate the desired capabilities for this review process.


Desired Results:

Implementation and use of DocFinity in the review process.

Actual Results:

As a result of the team’s work, the review process and the advantages of moving to a new system for design review were documented. Further work with those involved in the review process revealed that the online process using DocFinity was too limiting for their needs. Those involved in the review process are reexamining and clarifying what they need in a new process or product.

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Brendan Bagley
  • Brendan Bagley, Leader
  • Ed Gannon, Member
  • Scot Miller, Member
  • Paulette Rider, Member
  • Ian Salada, Member
  • Chad Spackman, Member
  • Connie Spencer, Member
  • Brett Traino, Member
  • Marcie Van Horn, Member