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Finance and Business
Date Started: 
January 2012
The Design Review Process is a process whereby certain individuals internal (and some external) to OPP review Architect/Professional/Engineer Design documents/files prior to construction. This Review process was conducted years ago using an application called FoxPro. Because that application became antiquated and cumbersome, routing the documents/files was subsequently done through email. Email did not provide a proper audit trail of who reviewed (made comments on the documents) and those who were simply informed about the documents being circulated, nor did it provide a workflow for this process. The DocFinity application was determined to incorporate the desired capabilities for this review process.
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Brendan Bagley
  • Brendan Bagley, Leader
  • Ed Gannon, Member
  • Scot Miller, Member
  • Paulette Rider, Member
  • Ian Salada, Member
  • Chad Spackman, Member
  • Connie Spencer, Member
  • Brett Traino, Member
  • Marcie Van Horn, Member