Shared Service Desk System Task Force

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Information Technology Services (ITS)
Date Started: 
January 2012
This is one of 7 Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) task forces.

The goal of this task force will be to provide vision, scope of work, or implementation guidelines, and procedures as appropriate to the maturity level of the opportunity. The timeline is aggressive with preliminary draft report by March 16 and final one by April 1. However, meeting these deadlines will provide opportunity to share results with ITLC members and tweak for final reports to be forwarded to the President and newly formed IT Governing Board mid-summer.


A Shared Service Desk bridges collaborations across campus IT resources. It serves as a single point of initial contact for our faculty, staff and students. It streamlines processes and provides a common knowledge repository and/or set of self-service tools. Additionally, it provides a consistent interface and experience for enhanced customer service.

This opportunity identified by the IT Assessment suggested a collaborative approach for providing shared service desk support to faculty, staff, and students at Penn State. Currently there is a central service that provides support and within most administrative units this service is provided at different levels (unit-wide and within sub-units).

Additional information on this Task Force is available via the ITLC wiki at:

Please contact the Task Force chair if you have any specific questions related to this task force.
Contact Person: 
Krystal McMillen
  • Shuchi Nalepa, Chair
  • Ginger Breon, Member
  • Wade Breon, Member
  • Loren Brewster, Member
  • Sean Curling, Member
  • Andrea Harrington, Member
  • Huoy-Jii Khoo, Member
  • Savitha Kolar, Member
  • John Lathrop, Member
  • James Leous, Member
  • Christine Mencer, Member
  • Chris Milito, Member
  • Dan Ritter, Member
  • Laurie Walters, Member
  • Mark Warren, Member
  • Bill Welch, Member
  • Eric White, Member
  • John Williams, Member
  • Bob Zipf, Member