Long-Term Data Storage Task Force

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Information Technology Services (ITS)
Date Started: 
January 2012
This is one of 7 Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) task forces.

In the IT Assessment report, the strategies under “Opportunity: Storage” are:

Design and deploy a common solution for long-term data storage, archiving and management.

Designate preferred methods for near-term and medium-term storage with easy paths to the long-term archive.

Identity preferred solutions and guidelines for locally attached storage.

The IT Assessment conceded that the storage “opportunity” was “not quite as mature as the others - analysis of the scope of the need and the range of solutions is needed.”*

Benefits identified included:

Opportunity to meet a new need with a collaborative solution.
Less costly, more consistent archiving of data.
Improved research data management plans.*

The ITLC Long-term Data Storage Task Force will focus on assessing current services and practices for long-term research data storage at Penn State, identifying service gaps, and making recommendations on steps towards closing those gaps. While long-term storage needs exist for many types of data and systems - enterprise business systems, instructional systems, and communication/collaboration systems, for example -these systems are out of scope in this phase of our exploration. However, it is our aspiration that the methodology we employ in our assessment of research data storage needs, and the outcomes of that assessment, could inform the support of long-term storage of other data in the future.

More information on this task force is available via the ITLC wiki at: https://wikispaces.psu.edu/display/itcouncil/Long-term+Data+Storage+Task+Force+Report#Long-termDataStorageTaskForceReport-TeamMembers

Please contact the team chair if you have specific questions related to this Task Force.
Contact Person: 
Krystal McMillen
  • Mairead Martin, Chair
  • Ross Brode, Member
  • Joe Broniszewski, Member
  • Mike Burns, Member
  • John Domico, Member
  • Gary Grgurich, Member
  • Mark Henderson, Member
  • Steve Kellogg, Member
  • Dan Lehman, Member
  • Christy Long, Member
  • Bob O'Connor, Member
  • George Otto, Member
  • Matt Soccio, Member