Faculty Information System (FIS) Database Migration

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Liberal Arts, College of the
Date Started: 
January 2013
The College created an electronic database called the Faculty Information System (FIS) to record appointment details for all standing faculty in 1999. While this database has worked very well over the ensuing years it is now time for it to be updated. The FIS database migration team started working on this project in January 2013.

All data in the current database will be migrated into the new database and additional features will be added. The improvements will enable users to more efficiently and accurately enter data. The new database will be intuitive to use, visually appealing, and reports will be easier to produce. New and improved features will include additional screens for budget percentages, tenure home, split appointments and startup research funds. Future goals include the expansion of the system to include fixed term faculty and staff.

Contact Person: 
Nicola Kiver
  • Ned Balzer, Leader
  • Travis Freehauf, Leader
  • Nicola Kiver, Member
  • Faye Maring, Member