Activity Insight Oversight Committee

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Office of the President
Date Started: 
February 2012

Activity Insight provides a method of collecting faculty input for various functional outputs, such as activity reports, promotion and tenure dossiers, CVs, research activities, accreditation reporting, etc. The issue resulting in the formation of this team was the need to focus this in an integrated approach in order to provide a central oversight team that could focus not just on assisting other units deciding to use the product, but also how certain information is collected, organized, and gathered both within the system as well as with other PSU units. The objective of the team is to provide for a collaborative and engaged platform of cross-unit representatives that can not only focus on enhancements and opportunities within the system and among other PSU units, but also provide the framework and assistance to other units as they integrate and adopt the system into their own unit needs.


Expected Results: The project has already achieved, through engaged conversations, enhancement opportunities within the system as well as a future focus of improvement opportunities and functionality to assist in multiple efficiency gains related to the gathering of faculty data critical to various institutional processes. The measures of performance will be enhancements and modifications to various protocols and processes involving Activity Insights in order to avoid contradictions or duplicative efforts. Our progress will be measured by enhancements, feedback tools (one of which has already been developed), a centralized platform of information for those using the tool and those exploring its usage. Our progress is currently measured by units adopting and engaging in the tool’s usage for their own functionality and reporting needs; and will continue to be measured by successes of those currently using the system and those integrating their unit into the system.

Contact Person: 
Jeanie Andrews
  • Blannie Bowen, Sponsor
  • Jeanie Andrews, Chair
  • Michael Naputano, Facilitator
  • Cheryl Seybold, Facilitator
  • Nick Warcholak, Facilitator
  • Kathy Barr, Member
  • Ginger Breon, Member
  • Karen Brewster, Member
  • Sandy Confer, Member
  • Nicola Kiver, Member
  • Sharon Patrick, Member
  • Lori Propst, Member
  • Stacey Spicher, Member