Instructional Designer/Instructional Production Specialist Process Review Team

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Date Started: 
August 2012
The process review team was charged to do a thorough review of existing processes used by the instructional designers and instructional production specialists in the design and development of new, revised, and repeat courses for the World Campus. They were to recommend process improvements which would save time, reduce duplication of effort and costs, and provide standardization across the three design teams.

Expected Results:

In December the team issued their report with several recommendations. The report has been reviewed by the World Campus Learning Design Management Team and priorities for implementing many of the recommendations have been laid out over the next 12 months. Many of the recommendations will save time and duplication of effort across semester offerings of courses. Others will lead to the implementation of new processes to address new procedures that have been introduced.

Contact Person: 
Rick Shearer
  • Heather Dawson, Leader
  • John Butler, Member
  • Rebecca Joiner, Member
  • Dominic Pugliese, Member
  • Penny Ralston-Berg, Member
  • Louise Sharrar, Member
  • Kate Twoey, Member