Berks Academic Advising Council

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Penn State Berks
Date Started: 
November 2012
This council was started as a recommendation from the Office of the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses. The objectives are to formalize both the advising plan and faculty adviser training at the Berks campus.
Desired Results: 

Expected Results:

The formalized advising plan will be completed as a short-term goal. Current faculty adviser training will be examined. It is highly probable that assessment will be used to drive decision making with regard to training needs and quality of academic advising.

Contact Person: 
Paula Plageman
  • Paul Esqueda, Sponsor
  • Paula Plageman, Leader/Facilitator
  • David Aurentz, Member
  • Martha Aynardi, Member
  • David Bender, Member
  • Danielle Cummings, Member
  • Jui-Chi Huang, Member
  • Benjamin Infantolino, Member
  • Cheryl Nicholas, Member
  • Jayne Park-Martinez, Member
  • Teri Sabatelli, Member
  • Susanne Samson, Member
  • Michael Stella, Member