Video Captioning and Transcription

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Date Started: 
January 2013

We are piloting a university-wide video captioning and transcription service that will provide the means for departments to make their Web videos accessible. We plan to have a transcriptionist inhouse to do our captioning and charge back to other departments who use this person’s services at a fixed rate. Some videos may require being sent out to transcription services, but the departments that have them done by our service will save at least 1/3 of the cost of outsourcing.

  • More accessible videos for the Penn State community
  • Cost savings versus outsourcing the transcription service
  • Faster turnaround for most submissions
Contact Person: 
Pat Besong
  • Pat Besong, Leader
  • Michael Brooks, Member
  • Apryl Hawn, Member
  • Elizabeth Pyatt, Member
  • Christian Vinten-Johansen, Member
  • William Welsh, Member