Transfer Friendly Committee

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Undergraduate Education
Date Started: 
March 2010
Increase and improve the recruitment and resources for transfer students from other colleges and universities, in order to increase their enrollment at all twenty of Penn State’s Undergraduate Campuses.

The committee set and achieved three specific goals:

September 2010: An informational PowerPoint presentation for prospective transfer students was designed, created, and tested with prospective students. It is available to be customized and used at all twenty campuses.

December 2011: Designed and printed a new recruitment publication “Penn State Up Close” for transfer students that is being used by all campuses at community college transfer programs and other recruitment events. Http://

February 14, 2012: A new version of the transfer section of the Undergraduate Admissions website went live. This was a major project and involved hours of analysis and testing in order to present the complexities inherent to Penn State in a customer friendly manner. Http://

Contact Person: 
Cathy Schwab
  • Cathy Schwab, Sponsor
  • Renee Scheske, Chair
  • Audrey Bonchack, Member
  • Becky DeSalvo, Member
  • Keith Eopechino, Member
  • Felicita Fritsch, Member
  • Bert McBrayer, Member
  • Dennis Mejias, Member
  • Colton Williams, Member