Certificate Implementation

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Graduate School
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Undergraduate Education
Date Started: 
May 2009
Historically, record-keeping for Penn State certificate programs was somewhat haphazard. Following the development of policies and procedures by Graduate Council and by ACUE, an implementation team was formed. The team re-designed the existing web-based certificate system (eCert) and the ISIS screen used to enroll and complete students in certificate programs (ARUSBD). Existing certificates were reviewed and updated; new certificates were entered; screen access was reviewed and updated to conform to policy/procedure. In addition, a training video was updated to reflect the system changes.

All Penn State certificates (credit, non-credit, undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, and graduate) are now recorded in eCert. Academic authority rests in the colleges who have sole approval access to eCert. The ability to enroll, complete and approve students in certificate programs has also been centralized in the colleges. Historical data is being entered so that all students who have completed Penn State certificates will have the appropriate notation appear on their official transcripts. In addition, IPEDS reporting now easily and accurately includes all certificate programs.

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Karen Schultz
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