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Information Technology Services (ITS)
Undergraduate Education
Date Started: 
February 2010
When students leave Penn State, their access accounts become inactive, thereby shutting off their access to online services. Our old account system for former students (eAccount) was very cumbersome and required faxing of a paper document before the account could be activated. We created an authentication method in eLion to allow former students to identify themselves (by correctly answering 4 randomly generated questions) and to have immediate access to a short list of eLion services including ordering official transcripts. Since many of these former students used eLion when they were enrolled at Penn State, the interface is familiar to them.

We have had extremely positive feedback from former students who find the new access method to be quick and simple to use. They are appreciative of how we have streamlined the process and grateful that they are now able to access services (e.g. ordering transcripts) online. Anecdotally, our volume of mailed transcript requests seems to have declined, which implies that increasing numbers of former students are now able to place their orders online.

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Karen Schultz
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