Identify and Mitigate Major Administrative Burdens for Faculty

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Science, Eberly College of
Date Started: 
September 2011
Faculty are required to do more and more administrative work resulting in fewer hours available to devote to their teaching and research. Our goal was to identify the major administrative time sinks for our faculty and to then find ways to reduce those administrative burdens. Faculty focus groups were held and then a survey was administered to all college faculty.

Expected Results:

Those items that take up the most faculty time and that could be handled by others are the focus of future work by the committee.

Contact Person: 
Tara Immel
  • Karin Foley, Co-Leader
  • Tara Immel, Co-Leader
  • Larry Bell, Member
  • Joshua Fritsch, Member
  • Garth Gregor, Member
  • Bob Holden, Member
  • Amanda Jones, Member