Human Resources/Finance Office Reorganization/Restructuring Initiative

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Arts and Architecture, College of
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April 2011
In the spring of 2011, Penn State received the budget news that the Governor was proposing over a 50% cut in the state appropriations to PSU. The Dean immediately asked her leadership team to begin the process of examining ways to cut our budgets.

Dan Heckman, Finance Officer, and Dawn Datt, director of administrative operations for the college started looking at ways to cut the budget and improve efficiencies in operations. We were looking at budget cuts that would save permanent funding dollars to cover our anticipated recycling/rescissions.

After careful examination, it was determined that we could combine the HR operations and the FO office to use our resources more efficiently and effectively along with streamlining our operations and improving customer service provided to the college. In our restructuring efforts, one standing position was eliminated in the HR office.

The offices were combined by knocking down a wall between the offices. The JRWs of all staff members were reviewed to determine future workload and job responsibilities. The staff members in both offices were willing to share and assume additional work duties.

Expected Results:

The results of the restructuring of the HR/FO offices are a cost savings of over $52,000 but even more than that are how the two offices are working together as a team to provide the best customer service/job knowledge to the college. On every work day, you can hear staff members consulting each other to determine the best way to approach and handle work responsibilities and situations. Both offices are more efficient in handling their work tasks.

This reorganization effort has been a success because everyone was willing to look at the change that needed to occur and also willing to assume new and different duties. Cost saving occurred for the college along with improving the customer service provided to the college, along with expanded job knowledge for staff members.

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Dawn Datt
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