Specimen Collection and Reporting Process

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Student Affairs
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October 2011
The purpose of this study is to decrease the number of late arrivals for urinary tract infection appointments. Patients are not arriving in adequate time to collect a specimen and be ready for their visit at the scheduled appointment time. A new procedure for scheduling these appointments was implemented in August 2011. It allows patients to either web-book an appointment, or schedule by phone.

Identification of performance goal:80% of patients will present to the lab for specimen collection 15 minutes before their appointment time.

Team Update

Of the 172 visits, approximately 1/3 of patients with phone appointments and 1/2 of patients making on line appointments are not understanding that they must arrive at the lab before their appointment time to give a urine specimen. Clear and concise instructions must be presented to the patient at the time of the appointment booking.
67% of the patients scheduled for UTI complaints arrived 15 or more minutes before their scheduled appointment time as compared to our goal of 80%.

An acknowledgment screen was added to the online scheduling application to require the patient to answer yes/no to agree to arriving 15 minutes early for their appointment, as well as adding a yellow warning sign to the screen.
The print was enlarged on the signage at the elevators on 3rd and 4th floors to help the students find the lab easier.
Education and reinforcement was given to staff assistants and nursing at staff meetings for those making appointments on the phone.

76% of patients are now arriving 15 or more minutes prior to appointment time, but the goal is 80%. Data will be collected for re-measurement.

June 8, 2012

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Nancy Lambert
  • Vicki Dugan, Leader
  • Kathy Petroff, Member
  • Nicole Shunk, Member