Second Appointment Scheduling for BASICS

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Student Affairs
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October 2011
Penn State students who have a first-time alcohol violation on- or off-campus or an alcohol-related visit to the emergency department at Mt. Nittany Medical Center are required to complete the BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students) program administered by UHS. The BASICS program consists of two one-hour sessions with a UHS community health educator. Best practice guidelines recommend that the second session be conducted within 7-14 days of the first session. In Fall 2010, 71.3% (586/822) of all second session appointments took place within 14 days of the student’s first session. These data indicate that 28.7% of students complete BASICS over a time period that may not be appropriate for optimal program effectiveness.

Current performance: In Fall 2010, 71.3% (586/822) of all second session appointments took place within 14 days of the student’s first session.

Performance goal:

In Fall 2011, increase the percentage of students who complete the second session of the BASICS program to 90%.

Team Update

During fall 2011, 760 students completed both BASICS sessions.
554 (73%) students completed follow-up within 14 days of their initial assessment
206 (27%) students completed follow-up more than 14 days after their initial assessment

- Through Fall 2011 semester a total of 113 BASICS appointments were unused due to no-shows or day of appointment cancellation.

- The Office of Student Conduct processed a backlog of alcohol-related violations in late October. This increase in volume of clients led to the number of BASICS appointments conducted by each staff member being increased to 6 per day on 10/24/11 through the last day of final exams.

- In November, a large proportion of students scheduled follow-up appointments after the Thanksgiving holiday. During this time period, almost no follow-up appointments were scheduled within 14 days of the initial assessment. A similar pattern was also noted in Fall 2010.

During Spring 2012 HPW staff will determine further additional corrective actions that will be implemented through fall 2012 semester. Re-measurement will take place in December 2012.

June 8, 2012

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Nancy Lambert
  • Rachel Urwin, Leader
  • Linda LaSalle, Member
  • Suzanne Zeman, Member